our family eggnog recipe

my family eggnog recipeDon’t tell my family about this. The Whiting’s have made this recipe for generations and believe you me it’s unlike anything you’ve ever had before unless you’ve been a guest in our house at Christmas.

This is not, I repeat, not that junk you buy in a carton at the grocery store. Nor is it an “eggnog latte” or “eggnog ice cream”. This is the real deal. Drink this and you won’t make eggnog jokes ever again. The same thing goes for fruitcake*.

First things first: this recipe is not heart healthy and it will get you drunk. This too is part of the Whiting holiday tradition. As kids we were given small glass cut with milk. (Not that we didn’t sneak more when the adults weren’t looking.)

1 dozen eggs, separated
1 quart heavy whipping cream
1+ cup bourbon
1-1/4 cup sugar
vanilla & nutmeg to taste

Beat the egg whites until they’re stiff in one bowl.

eggnog recipeBeat the whipping cream until it’s stiff in another bowl. It helps if the cream and beaters are both cold beforehand. (stick them in the freezer beforehand)

Mix the egg yolks, bourbon, sugar, and vanilla together in a large bowl. Fold in the beaten egg whites and whipped cream. Grate fresh nutmeg on top of each cup before serving.

Raw eggs, heavy cream, and booze. Told you it wasn’t good for you.

* my family’s fruitcake recipe is another holiday tradition passed down through the generations. No, it’s not heavy-as-a-brick and I’ve only had one other non-Whiting fruitcake that came close. One of these days I’ll put that recipe up here too. But not today. Besides, I’ve switched to majoon instead. A new holiday tradition!

Storebought eggnog? JUST SAY NO!!!

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