Listen to White Noise

Try using earbuds or headphones to help block out other sounds and avoid any external distractions when listening to white noise or any of the other sounds here. You can download these MP3 files for free!

White noise has a spectral frequency of 1 with equal proportions of all frequencies. Because our ears are sensitive to high frequencies, white noise sounds "hissy". (No, not that kind.)
  White Noise   20 minutes

Pink noise noise gets its name from the pink appearance of visible light in its power spectrum. Pink noise has equal energy in all octaves of frequency. Pink noise sounds like a waterfall.
  Pink Noise   20 minutes

Brown noise, a.ka. Red Noise, also known as Brownian noise, is named after Robert Brown. Random walk noise is another name for brown noise which sounds much like low roar. Think waterfall or rainfall.
  Brown Noise   20 minutes

Violet noise is also called purple noise. Violet noise's power density increases 6.02 dB per octave with increasing frequency.
  Violet Noise   10 minutes

There are other ways to use sound to relax and relieve stress. The sounds of nature - waves, waterfalls, rain, etc. - can also be soothing. The following files are also free MP3s you can listen to online or download for free.

Waves, Waterfalls, Wind Chimes, Rain, & Crickets too
    Me-Kwa-Mooks West Seattle
    Weather Park West Seattle

    West Seattle Waterfall
    Schmitz Park Waterfall West Seattle
    Fauntleroy Creek West Seattle
    Devil’s Campground Mt. Rainier


    wind chimes
    Miranda’s chimes


Try listening to binaural beats too.

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