the hamsa

The hamsa is an ancient symbol shared among different religons in diferent parts of the world. That in and of itself is remarkable. I only became interested in it after seeing it in so many places that shared little in common. Once I learned what it was I saw it more and more. Or should I say I noticed it around me.

The colorful image above was done by my schoolmate Ruthann Greenblat. Inspired as well as intimadted by her rendition I found a stencil and used it to make a hamsa watermark in some of my DIY hemp paper.

Also known as the Hand of Fatima or the Eye of Fatima, the hamsa shows the right hand with its five fingers. The hamsa is said to protect one against the evil eye. Popular and widespread throughout Northern Africa and the Middle East, the hamsa has a rich history and wide usage.

It lends itself to amulets. Perhaps one will come into my life at some point. I’m not one to wear jewlery but when I replace my Tibetan traveler’s amulet a hamsa may fall into my lap as well. Or perhaps it will be my next tattoo.

Now that you’re a regular visitor, you’ll notice that the fortune cookie and rock-paper-scissors in the upper left corner rotates.

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