Scale of Musical Notes as MP3 Files

Here are free MP3 files of the musical notes. Listen to each pitch, hear the scale, tune your instruments. Feel free to sample, mix, scratch, and mashup the sounds of the various notes from A3 to E5. Each MP3 file is 1 minute long.

When and if you come up with clever uses for these files, please tell me jetcityorange at gmail dot com I’m just curious. Yes this page is an online tuning fork but what else are you doing with these files?

  A3     220.0Hz
  B3     246.94Hz
  C#4     277.18Hz
  D#4     311.13Hz
  F4     349.23Hz
  G4     392.0Hz
  A4     440.0Hz
  B4     493.88Hz
  C#5     554.37Hz
  D#5     622.25Hz
  A#3     233.08Hz
  C4     261.63Hz
  D4     293.66Hz
  E4     329.63Hz
  F#4     369.99Hz
  G#4     415.3Hz
  A#4     466.16Hz
  C5     523.25Hz
  D5     587.33Hz
  E5     659.26Hz

Thanks to Rick Sowers for the inspiration to do this musical scale and Heidemarie Traylor for suggesting longer samples.

Ready to make your own ghettolicious musical instruments? Go for it!

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