You can help fight COVID-19 (coronavirus also known as SARS-CoV-2) by using your computer to help fold proteins. When you install Rosetta@home your computer’s spare CPU cycles help researchers find a cure. I invite you to join The 728 Club team and invite your friends, family and co-workers to contribute to. Now’s the time to pull out that computer you retired and put it to good use!

  1. Download and install the BOINC Manager
  2. When prompted to choose a project select "Rosetta@home"
  3. You'll be prompted for your email and a password
  4. "Project Added"
  5. Finish account setup
  6. "Find a team", search for and The 728 Club team
  7. Click "Join this team"
  8. welcome aboard!

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, Rosetta@home has been used to predict the structure of proteins important to the disease as well as to produce new, stable mini-proteins to be used as potential therapeutics and diagnostics.


To see how countries and states are doing containing coronavirus the New York Times has an excellent web page they update daily. The third chart tracks how states are doing flattening the curve. I’m pround of my fellow Washingtonians.

Keep up with the latest statistics about coronvirus on Avi Schiffmann’s web site. The CDC has an excellent web site specific to CORVID-19.

It’s no secret that the CORVID-19 outbreak in America was initialy centered in Kirland WA. I live in north Seattle which is only 10 miles from the nursing home everyone’s talking about as the crow flies but a 25 minute drive any of the 3 possible routes. What’s significant is that Kirkland is light years away in social distance. I haven’t set foot in Kirland for years. Drive through it yes, but on I-405 at 65 mph.

wash your hands for 20 secondsI work at home as is most of the city these days. Being full of tech workers means the streets are empty, traffic is nonexistant for a change and parking is a breeze. I can’t tell you how glad I am to live here. Seattle is better than you’ve heard. Not on is it beautiful people are polite, civilized and in general a pleasure to be around. Right now, people are self-policing.

Kids home from school? Bored are they? Have them tour any one of a number of museums online. Seattle resources for artists and others


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