mining MoneroMonero is a privacy oriented cryptocurrency. Not only is Monero truly anonymous (unlike Bitcoin) it can be mined by individuals.

Monero is secure, private, untraceable and fungible. Learn more about Monero. When you’re ready you can mine Monero on your PC, especially if you have a supported GPU.

If you’re interested in cryptocurrencies, alt coins, ICO’s, etc. as a way to earn easy money fast, Monero isn’t for you. If alternatives to the current economic model grabs your attention then give Monero a serious look. I did. And yes, I mine because it helps build a decentralized ecosystem, not one run by huge mining operations using mining rigs made with ASICs. It’s the difference between a distributed economy and yet-another-monopolistic model. Will we win? Who knows but things like Monero beat sitting on the sidelines whining.

I use Monero Ocean as my mining pool for several reasons. It charges no pool fees for now and it supports web mining without using CoinHive. You can try web mining out (and help me at the same time) if even only for a few minutes or even overnight:

  • Copy my Monero wallet address to your clipboard.
  •   4AMF65a3CqcFtV284ruziU54BCuCREYhUNnu8SBReTtTccadiUWah4hDabiCm222jbbBcXetZLzr5Sd5U8pCeXt7CHq7QDi
  • Go to Monero Ocean
  • Enter my wallet address (or your own). [ Enter Payment Address / Track Address ]
  • Click the Web Mining button.



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