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Mallomars are wonderful, delicious, almost too good to be true cookies that I usually can’t buy in Seattle. On top of that, Mallomars aren’t sold year round. They’s only available in the cooler months. What’s a guy to do? They used to show up in my kids&rsqo; Xmas stockings.

Well yesterday, 05nov23, a certin someone surprised me with a double header: Mallomars and beer. My favorite seasonal cookie and not just any beer but Bodhizafa from Georgetown Beer. Another fine IPA from the Great Northwest.

Still not convinced these are a cult fave? Read the New York Times piece about mallomars. They’re sold as Dream Puffs in Canada though I’ve never seen them when I’m in Vancouver.

Mallomar trivia: first made in 1913, the same year as the Moon Pie, in New Jersey. Available Oct-Apr an amazing 70% are sold in metropolitan New York. Which kinda sucks for me here in Seattle. Mallomars even have their own Facebook page. Sheesh...

And to finish the above story, yes that certain someone won triple bonus points.

Now that you’re a regular visitor, you’ll notice that the fortune cookie and rock-paper-scissors in the upper left corner rotates.

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