Some folks have their own ideas about what a LimeBike should and shouldn’t look like. And some of those folks take matters into their own hands.

LimeBike vandalism   paintd Lime Bike

This is what LimeBikes are supposed to look like. All neatly aligned waiting for you to hop on one and ride away.

Lime rental bikes

Suppose you work for Lime. Now imagine coming into work one day and looking at a computer screen to see where all your LimeBikes are. You expect to see a semi-random scattering all over the city with clusters and pockets in the usual high traffic places. But what if you came in one day to see a grouping like this:

LimeBike mess

You might ask yourself, art or protest? Is this a one-time occurance or are pranksters going to start doing this all over town? Worse yet, will this catch on and start to happen all over the country? Either way, as a Lime Bike worker bee, your day just went from bad to worse.

LimeBike Phinney Ridge Seattle

Oh wait. This is the next day. Looks like LimeBike sculptures are the new thing in Phinney Ridge.